Web Design For Small Businesses

In the month of October, we ran a super exciting challenge for our Flux Academy students.

We had them redesign the website of one of their local businesses as well as explain their process.

Given the way the pandemic has affected small businesses worldwide, this felt like an awesome win-win. It led to over 50 redesign submissions and spawned a plethora of beautiful web design.

I highly recommend diving into the process of each website redesign as they were all tremendously explained:
1. Social service agency by Nadirah K:
2. Business consultancy by Felixander yuan:
3. Digital recruitment by Giuseppe Farina:
4. Popcorn club by Fernando Bisca Escanhoela:
5. Hot Dog resturant by Alex Presa:

If you’re interested in working with any of these amazing designers, check out their personal websites below:

Nadirah Khaliq

Honourable Mentions
Alex Presa

Fernando Escanhoela

Giuseppe Farina

Felixander Yuan

00:00 Intro
00:25 The Redesign Challenge
1:20 Hot Dog restaurant
3:15 Popcorn club
5:05 Digital recruitment
7:00 Business consultant
9:55 Social service agency

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