What Is The Difference Of Web Design And Graphic Design?

In this video I want to talk about the difference between Graphic Design and Web Design. So what is the real difference between the two roles. What is Graphic Design Vs Web Design?
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With the onset on new applications and platforms these roles are getting closer and closer. Platforms such as WordPress and Wix are making web design more accessible than ever without the need of a DEEP knowledge of coding.

Now, can anyone jump on one of the platforms and produce a website, well sure, but it takes a real designer to establish a quality product that follow brand identity and goals. This is why web designers and graphic designers a like are so important.

Let’s talk about graphic designers vs web designers.

It’s really simple!

Graphic designers main role, without blurring any lines or making them do something that is not in there wheel house is as follows:
Logo design, advertising design, print design (including magazine layout, book layout, annual reports, and so forth), web banners, as well as branding. So basically anything that involves creative problem solving that includes the intangible and intangible layout of elements (line, color, imagery, illustrations, shape, text, etc…)

Web designer, well they design websites. It’s that simple. They do not know a DEEP a mount of code, but they do know enough to make themselves dangerous with a wordpress theme.

I have a firm understanding a how to create wordpress websites. It is my personal opinion that it is extremely helpful for graphic designers to understand how to design websites. Why? Brand consistency. If I am designing a logo, letterhead, business card, and some ads for a company it only makes sense that I would have the firmest grip on the design aesthetics to carry the branding across multiple design pieces.

Are graphic designers and web designers the same? Not at all! But it is my opinion that a graphic designer who can perform web design skills is extremely beneficial and has greater usefulness to a client.


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